Which Online Casino is Best for Martingale

The conventional Martingale Roulette System is what is known as a negative progression system because you increase your bets following a loss. It isn’t practical to use the Reverse Martingale Reverse on the table though because you are gambling on repeaters. Or rather you’re presuming that these don’t happen at least not very often. If the the same part of the table, or color or odd/even bet get hit several times in a row then you can either win or lose very badly. It feels great if you’re on the right side of a streak riding a winning streak for profit. There is little chance that you are going to get more Divisions, Corners, Lines and so forth in a row so it’d be a waste to use the overturned Martingale on them, just stick to the even chance bets. The way to use this system will be best described with an example.

Begin by picking a color and after that gambling on it with a single stake. The goal is to keep increasing your bets, then keep betting on that until you win. The idea is that each time you lose you double the stake then next time to ensure that you win overall. Then you use the system to ride the winning streak and after that walk away with a big overall win. Remember winning in Martingale is based on lots of small wins which build up. you’re only placing large stakes to recoup losses.

The first thing you should do so is decide at which point you are going to walk away and take the win. It is all too easy to get greedy and think to yourself Just one more bet, and this will pay off every once in a while, but it’ll cost you more than it’ll pay off over the long term. By waiting until you’ve one red before you begin gambling, at least you will not get burned when there is a streak of Black. This is just an opinion and an idea, you could test it either way and see which you prefer. A second significant thing to recall is that you’ll have a loss of 1 every time you do not get to your desired quitting point.

The problem is that these streaks which are the bane of Martingale happen much more often that you would imagine. They seem to happen even more in online casinos which use a computer to generate their spins. This is because the computer software can be adjusted, or there may be slight flaws in the Random Number generator (RNG) that generates the spin of the wheel.   You can and will see some incredible streaks, and because under Martingale you must double each time then it can get very expensive or at least jump above the maximum single stake.  Who knows how random they are, but there’s no shortage of roulette hack software that suggests there are predictable patterns in these ‘computer casinos’.

So Which Online Casino is Best for Martingale?

If you are going to try martingale out then there’s two important factors to consider. First you’re relying on a ‘normal distribution’ of results when the wheel is spun – so you need something as random as possible. Secondly you need a reliable casino, who will pay out when you win and operate a fair game.

To eliminate any potential ‘martingale wrecking’ bias then it’s best to use a live casino as opposed to a computer generated wheel. There weren’t many of these around a few years ago but now there are quite a few. These are live feeds from actual roulette wheels run by human croupiers, as such you are much more likely to eliminate the unusual streaks.

Here’s a couple of options – for the UK and Europe, one of the biggest betting companies in the world – Betfair, who have recently started a live casino.

The second option which will work for US only gamblers is that of Bovada another large, respected betting company which has been trading for over twenty years.



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