Vegas Tales of Lady Luck

Behind every big win or loss, there’s a tale to be heard. Most of the time we don’t hear them, the gambler is often a private and quiet individual, although that’s sometimes hard to believe at a craps table! Here’s a few tales of wining and losing taken from years gone by – multiply the figures by about 7 or 8 to put into today’s money. These figures were mostly from the 70s and 80s when Vegas was a little less regulated and a lot more fun! It’s stories like these that make casino games come alive and why it’s so much better to play in real casinos like this one in Dublin online than using the sterile computer coded games controlled by an algorithm.

A Texas oilman lost $320,000 during an all-night session at a Strip casino. The next night he won it back, only to lose it again the following night. The fourth night he won it all back again. All this was too much for the owner of the hotel. He had him thrown out of the place. “Get out!” he was supposed to have told him. “And take your $320,000 with you!” ln another Las Vegas casino every boss in the joint would come running when this certain player showed up at the craps table. It all seemed rather strange to the other spectators, because the man would only bet one-dollar chips. What the spectators didn’t know was that the gambler getting all this attention was under the constant surveillance of the Internal Revenue Service. What the IRS didn’t know was that each of those one-dollar chips was really worth three thousand dollars! Along that same line, another high roller in one hotel didn’t like having a crowd around when he was playing, so the casino gave him black chips with the $100-inserts removed. Each of these chips was worth a thousand dollars.

This player caught a big hand on the craps table one day and walked away with over $200,000. Before leaving, however, he gave the woman shooting the dice three of his “special” chips. The casino got some of its losses back right away, when the pit boss told the woman, “Let me give you some real chips for those, lady.” And he gave her three $100 chips. She was thrilled, not realizing that she had been shorted by $2,700. Probably to this day she is still telling her friends about the time a player gave her three hundred dollars in Vegas. Whilst in all likelihood buying the latest casino hacking software guaranteed to make you a million online, yeah sure.

There was a couple from Oklahoma staying at the Mint Hotel in downtown Las Vegas. Lady Luck not only smiled at them; she gave them a toothy grin. They couldn’t believe it. When they cashed in their chips they had over twelve thousand dollars! The husband got so excited that he called his boss in Oklahoma and quit his job. Then he headed right back to the tables. To make a long story short, he wound up blowing the whole twelve grand. And there he stood, a dazed, vacant, and “unemployed” expression on his face. His wife was looking straight up into those dazzling chandeliers overhead, and wailing to all within earshot, “He LOST it, he LOST it. . . ” They only lost $12,000.

Ten years ago at the Sands, a Stardust cocktail waitress won-—and then 1ost—$280,000. Her game was blackjack. She knew when to hit and when to stand; she knew when to double-down and when to split pairs. But she didn’t know when to split the scene. At one point during her 24-hour marathon at the tables she deposited $100,000 in the cashier’s cage. And then those cards—which had caressed her and fondled her-—began to slap her and torment her. The chips in front of her slowly disappeared, and so did the other hundred thousand in the cage. The bosses at the Sands weren’t sorry to see her lose, but the dealers sure were. Each of them made $450 in tips from her in that day alone.While she walked away with nothing but a look of disbelief.

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