Safe USA Online Casinos

There are of course many ways to get scammed over the internet, however it’s difficult to find an area so completely dominated by con artists, thieves and fraudsters.  Yes, I’m talking about online casinos – there are literally thousands of them and the majority of them are simply scams.

They are actually not that hard to spot, here’s a couple of pointers to watch out for:

  • Bonuses – scam casinos offer huge bonuses in the way of free money, spins and deposits.  They seem ridiculous because they are, you won’t see any of these when you start playing.
  • Fake Software/Pirated Games – also very common,  they are little more than  pirated casino games built into a copied website.  Typically littered with spelling mistakes and poor grammar – these are often created and copied en masse.
  • No contact/help information – scam casinos exist to steal your money, they don’t offer support or help – check out their contact details if they exist. If there are phone numbers ring them to see if they’re legitimate.

It’s made more complicated in the US due to the 2006 gambling legislation changes and so the legitimate choice is slightly more restricted too. Ultimately the safest option is to go for a casino with a decent reputation and a brand to protect.   You can usually get a reasonable bonus and a decent free play section to check out the various games and software.

Bovada is a very safe option and one of the most respected names in the online casino world.  It’s actually a rebranded version of Bodog specially created for the American market,  as far as safe USA online casinos they don’t come much safer than this.  They accept all major US credit cards and even bitcoins if you use them.  You can even try them out first and just play for fun – check this link out – free online roulette no download for a try.

There’s a free play section which includes the vast majority of all their games of which there are hundreds if you include all the slots. The bonus varies but at the moment you can get up to $3000 in matching your initial deposits.  However remember the crucial difference between Bovada and thousands of other online casinos (with perhaps bigger bonus offers) is that their bonuses are real and they’ll payout if you win.

Billy Walter’s Big Casino Payout

Anyone who has ever stepped foot in a real casino or indeed even logged into their Bodog Roulette account, has probably dreamed of winning a fortune in a lucky streak. The reality is that these real extreme winning streaks are fairly rare but they do happen. Mind you if you look up at the huge hotels and casinos in Las Vegas and Atlantic City the opposite streaks are probably much more common. There are stories throughout the ages of some massive payouts in casinos across America and one of the best tales is recanted below.

This is the incredible story of Billy Walters. The guy was actually a used car salesman as well as a known big hitter in Las Vegas who consistently won and lost substantial amounts of money. In 1986 Billy Walters hit the casinos in Atlantic City on roulette in a big way. Only this time he was doing something different … a good deal different. Just What Billy Walters did was to make a proposal never seen or even heard before in Atlantic City. He offered to place a sum believed to be $2 million with a casino in return for them increasing their maximum wagers on roulette. A traditional casino called the Golden Nugget accepted the offer and Billy flew in from Las Vegas to commence his date with destiny.

This is where Walters’ methods varied significantly he bet $2,000 per number on five numbers and certainly never once changed his bet. What initially struck the casino workers as being really strange was that Walters persisted on playing on double zero roulette instead of single zero. It is here where the odds for the house significantly increases to a whopping 5.26 per cent. Instead of fearing that they were being set up, the casino gaming staff just took Walters as another impulsive gambler who didn’t have an idea about exactly what he was doing. They knew full well about his reputation for losing big sums of money in Las Vegas, which meant that they were more than happy to accommodate him. Walters played 5 numbers– 7, 10, 20, 27 and 36. For the benefit of European readers, 7 and 20 and 10 and 27 are located next to each other on a double zero American wheel. Walters and an affiliate of his bet hour after hour and it was soon evident to all present that the casino administration was concerned.

A succession of worried telephone calls and huddled conferences revealed to everybody that the big managers at the Golden Nugget were actually far from delighted. On and on, Walters non-stop wagered the same numbers. Occasionally he would opt for a breather and his associate would hold the fort and carry on with the action. Every time that Walters struck one of his five numbers, the winnings was $70,000 less the $8,000 that he sacrificed on the other four numbers, leaving behind him with a win of $62,000. With action totalling $10,000 per spin, Walter’s actual expectation each spin was minus $526 so it was actually it’s not surprising that the casino embraced his action at the outset.

After almost forty hours of continual play, and Walters being $4 million ahead, the casino bigwigs terminated the game. They also tried to circulate stories in the local tabloids that Walters had simply gotten on a streak. The reality was that this wasn’t down to luck and the casino management realized it. At once they understood exactly why Walters had not played on the much better single zero wheels. It really wasn’t because he was a fool but simply because there was something wrong with the wheel that he had been actually playing on. Billy Walters was ruthlessly capitalizing on what is referred to as a biased wheel, and he was exploiting it fully. A biased wheel is one where the near randomness of the conclusion has been affected, for whatever reason. This can possibly be accomplished artificially by an individual however most of the time it is triggered by continuous repetitive wear and tear. The misinformation that was put out by the casino bosses was just another example of them not wanting the truth to be known. Even the best roulette wheels in the world are subject to wear and tear.

Why did the casino stand for Walters’ action for so long before calling time? Well, initially, nobody had ever been hit to that level before with biased wheel play. Secondary, Walters’ history as being a known big hitter and a losing gambler to boot provided him the perfect cover for his coup. When it eventually became apparent just what was taking place it was far too late.

As it later turned out, Walters had a crew of wheel clockers visiting the casinos in Atlantic City doing nothing else but taking down numbers. He already had the information at his disposal and all he needed to recognize was the best ways to interpret it accurately to see if a bias existed. This process of identifying real bias and not imagined patterns is an area that’s not well understood by many casino managers and definitely not back in the mid-1980s.

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A Brief History of Keno

Keno Keno’s first name was “Chinese Lottery.” Indeed, that’s what it was when developed in China about 1000 B.C. Legend has it that keno financed the building of the Great Wall. Keno tickets are in two sections, numbers l through 40 in the top section, and 41 through 80 in the bottom sec- lion. This reflects the Oriental “Yin and Yang” division. The game was introduced to the United States by Chinese immigrants in coastal ports around the turn of the century, with 120 Chinese characters to choose from that were painted on maple balls. But keno was a lottery, and Nevada law—even after gambling was enacted— forbid lotteries. So the name “Chinese Lottery” got changed to “Race-Horse Keno,” as a clever deception by using the names of then famous race horses along with the actual numbers.

Then the U.S. government passed a law taxing off-track betting, and the casinos—-afraid they might get their “yin” in a “yang”~— changed the name again. Since 1951 the game has just been called Keno. In the United States, it’s only legal in the state of Nevada; you won’t find it in Atlantic City or anywhere else. Like all other casino games it has been completely Americanized.  In fact if you look online now, there’s loads of variations on the original game although these variants are not for purists!  You can try out these computer versions in a few online casinos for free – try our favorite – play Keno online real money.

It’s strictly a numbers game now, using 80 high-class ping-pong balls and a thingamajig called a “goose” that sucks up 20 of the balls at random. It is an easy game to play, it is cheap, and you’ve got an outside chance of winning $50,000. One big drawback to keno is trying to keep from nodding off to sleep while the game gets underway. One tourist said that playing keno was “like watching somebody iron a T-shirt.” and it has to be said the game is not for everyone.  Try out a roulette sim or free to play game

The object of the game is to try to guess which 20 of those 80 numbers is going to pop up on the keno board. You don’t have to guess all 20, either. Pick one for $3, and if it shows up you win $9. Pick two and one won’t win anything, but both will get you $36. Get eight out of eight and pocket a cool fifty thousand. These are called straight tickets. There are also split tickets, way tickets, combination tickets and special tickets. Information on all of them is available at your friendly neighborhood keno parlor. The game is so simple, and the payoffs are often time so stupefying, that it seems there is no way to lose. Om- fourth of the 80 numbers come up in every single gain; get eight of the 20 of the 80 and win a fortune. Nothing to it. Nothing to it?

Vegas Tales of Lady Luck

Behind every big win or loss, there’s a tale to be heard. Most of the time we don’t hear them, the gambler is often a private and quiet individual, although that’s sometimes hard to believe at a craps table! Here’s a few tales of wining and losing taken from years gone by – multiply the figures by about 7 or 8 to put into today’s money. These figures were mostly from the 70s and 80s when Vegas was a little less regulated and a lot more fun! It’s stories like these that make casino games come alive and why it’s so much better to play in real casinos like this one in Dublin online than using the sterile computer coded games controlled by an algorithm.

A Texas oilman lost $320,000 during an all-night session at a Strip casino. The next night he won it back, only to lose it again the following night. The fourth night he won it all back again. All this was too much for the owner of the hotel. He had him thrown out of the place. “Get out!” he was supposed to have told him. “And take your $320,000 with you!” ln another Las Vegas casino every boss in the joint would come running when this certain player showed up at the craps table. It all seemed rather strange to the other spectators, because the man would only bet one-dollar chips. What the spectators didn’t know was that the gambler getting all this attention was under the constant surveillance of the Internal Revenue Service. What the IRS didn’t know was that each of those one-dollar chips was really worth three thousand dollars! Along that same line, another high roller in one hotel didn’t like having a crowd around when he was playing, so the casino gave him black chips with the $100-inserts removed. Each of these chips was worth a thousand dollars.

This player caught a big hand on the craps table one day and walked away with over $200,000. Before leaving, however, he gave the woman shooting the dice three of his “special” chips. The casino got some of its losses back right away, when the pit boss told the woman, “Let me give you some real chips for those, lady.” And he gave her three $100 chips. She was thrilled, not realizing that she had been shorted by $2,700. Probably to this day she is still telling her friends about the time a player gave her three hundred dollars in Vegas. Whilst in all likelihood buying the latest casino hacking software guaranteed to make you a million online, yeah sure.

There was a couple from Oklahoma staying at the Mint Hotel in downtown Las Vegas. Lady Luck not only smiled at them; she gave them a toothy grin. They couldn’t believe it. When they cashed in their chips they had over twelve thousand dollars! The husband got so excited that he called his boss in Oklahoma and quit his job. Then he headed right back to the tables. To make a long story short, he wound up blowing the whole twelve grand. And there he stood, a dazed, vacant, and “unemployed” expression on his face. His wife was looking straight up into those dazzling chandeliers overhead, and wailing to all within earshot, “He LOST it, he LOST it. . . ” They only lost $12,000.

Ten years ago at the Sands, a Stardust cocktail waitress won-—and then 1ost—$280,000. Her game was blackjack. She knew when to hit and when to stand; she knew when to double-down and when to split pairs. But she didn’t know when to split the scene. At one point during her 24-hour marathon at the tables she deposited $100,000 in the cashier’s cage. And then those cards—which had caressed her and fondled her-—began to slap her and torment her. The chips in front of her slowly disappeared, and so did the other hundred thousand in the cage. The bosses at the Sands weren’t sorry to see her lose, but the dealers sure were. Each of them made $450 in tips from her in that day alone.While she walked away with nothing but a look of disbelief.

Some Poker Tips you May Not Have Heard

Although it’s perfectly possible to learn the basics of Poker from one of the Dummies books. The problem is that these often assumes you know basically nothing about the topic. In this sense, learning from these books it is a fine product for someone who actually wants to understand how to play Texas Hold Em, Omaha, and also Card Stud poker. You can certainly use them to learn the rules and how to play, yet strategy is a little bit more involved especially for a game like Poker.

The game offers an advantage over just reading a Wikipedia entry on poker by letting you put to practice the techniques and strategies it clarifies. Definitely the product’s biggest asset is an incorporated chances calculator to be utilized in Texas Hold Em, Omaha, and also Card Stud this arouses proportions of your odds to win based upon what you are holding, of the community cards, and what everyone else is holding, in addition to your probability of hitting straights, full houses, pairs, flushes, and also all the rest.

As a learning tool, it certainly helps to be able to see and play the game from every angle. Once you’ve pushed through all of that and become knowledgeable about the essentials of each one of the three game types and of the overall strategies involved, there’s not all a lot to do. You may play against up to six AI competitions for fake money in online casinos and utilize your winnings to buy into higher stakes games. With your own starting $400 you can enter low limit games and also utilizing your winnings progress throughout the limit ranks till you can enter a no limit game with $10, 000.

But be sensible don’t dive into a high stakes game after just learning the rules, build yourself up gradually. Using online games is a great way to start, pick a reputable company and practice. This is important, don’t play with a small unknown company which offers ridiculous bonuses. They’re simply not worth it – read this expose about how it all works – Are Online Casinos Bonuses Worth it, you’ll see why those ‘free dollars’ are pointless. The big players even run a few live games which are even better to try your skills out.

For a $20 product, you may expect there to be more than 3 game types. You are limited to playing 3 Types of poker against AI opponents who sometimes make extremely questionable moves. It’s all good for a bluff to bluff, in fact that should be expected, but to continue calling raises in a Hold Em game with an 8 and 9 of diamonds and JKJ on the flop, none of which were diamonds, and four other players in the game seem more stupid than sly. In another game, 3 players continued calling raises while holding Q8, Q2, and also J7 with of the cards K6A64 on of the table, and also nobody had a flush. It is possible the 3 opponents were attempting to bluff, but still, that is pretty horrible poker.

Which Online Casino is Best for Martingale

The conventional Martingale Roulette System is what is known as a negative progression system because you increase your bets following a loss. It isn’t practical to use the Reverse Martingale Reverse on the table though because you are gambling on repeaters. Or rather you’re presuming that these don’t happen at least not very often. If the the same part of the table, or color or odd/even bet get hit several times in a row then you can either win or lose very badly. It feels great if you’re on the right side of a streak riding a winning streak for profit. There is little chance that you are going to get more Divisions, Corners, Lines and so forth in a row so it’d be a waste to use the overturned Martingale on them, just stick to the even chance bets. The way to use this system will be best described with an example.

Begin by picking a color and after that gambling on it with a single stake. The goal is to keep increasing your bets, then keep betting on that until you win. The idea is that each time you lose you double the stake then next time to ensure that you win overall. Then you use the system to ride the winning streak and after that walk away with a big overall win. Remember winning in Martingale is based on lots of small wins which build up. you’re only placing large stakes to recoup losses.

The first thing you should do so is decide at which point you are going to walk away and take the win. It is all too easy to get greedy and think to yourself Just one more bet, and this will pay off every once in a while, but it’ll cost you more than it’ll pay off over the long term. By waiting until you’ve one red before you begin gambling, at least you will not get burned when there is a streak of Black. This is just an opinion and an idea, you could test it either way and see which you prefer. A second significant thing to recall is that you’ll have a loss of 1 every time you do not get to your desired quitting point.

The problem is that these streaks which are the bane of Martingale happen much more often that you would imagine. They seem to happen even more in online casinos which use a computer to generate their spins. This is because the computer software can be adjusted, or there may be slight flaws in the Random Number generator (RNG) that generates the spin of the wheel.   You can and will see some incredible streaks, and because under Martingale you must double each time then it can get very expensive or at least jump above the maximum single stake.  Who knows how random they are, but there’s no shortage of roulette hack software that suggests there are predictable patterns in these ‘computer casinos’.

So Which Online Casino is Best for Martingale?

If you are going to try martingale out then there’s two important factors to consider. First you’re relying on a ‘normal distribution’ of results when the wheel is spun – so you need something as random as possible. Secondly you need a reliable casino, who will pay out when you win and operate a fair game.

To eliminate any potential ‘martingale wrecking’ bias then it’s best to use a live casino as opposed to a computer generated wheel. There weren’t many of these around a few years ago but now there are quite a few. These are live feeds from actual roulette wheels run by human croupiers, as such you are much more likely to eliminate the unusual streaks.

Here’s a couple of options – for the UK and Europe, one of the biggest betting companies in the world – Betfair, who have recently started a live casino.

The second option which will work for US only gamblers is that of Bovada another large, respected betting company which has been trading for over twenty years.



What is the Best Canadian Online Casino

Choosing an online casino can be extremely confusing for many different reasons.  For a start there’s so many of them available – there are literally thousands all over the internet.  This is one if the main issues, unlike a physical casino it doesn’t take much to set up a web site, install some casino software and a backend for taking payments.  Unfortunately this means that many of these casinos are fairly fly by night enterprises often unlicensed and with a flexible attitude to payments.

So your first task in finding the best Canadian online casino is simply pick a company with a known brand.  This will hugely limit the number if you just restrict the choice to the big companies.  Please don’t be tempted by lots of ridiculous bonuses or fantastic offers these are rarely what they seem.  For instance a massive ‘bonus’ deposit will almost certainly require complicated wagering requirements (for instance having to wager the bonus hundreds of times before it can be withdrawn).  They are almost certainly worthless, so don’t worry about them – it’s  or important to deal with a professional company who will value your custom whether you win or lose.

Our suggestion for the Best Canadian Online Casino is – Bodog


One of the biggest online casino companies in the world which deals with millions of bets every day and was established in 1994.   Here’s the summary of the Bodog brand which was set up to server as a quality Canadian online casino, also complying with some of Canada’s rather confusing gambling legislation.

Welcome to Bodog Casino. It is time you have your game on. If you love a casino with loads of online gaming variety, Bodog’s ever-expanding roster is everything you will ever need. With more than 200 games and counting, you will feel as Vegas has opened up shop right in your house — either on your desktop or from the comfort of your smartphone or tablet or computer. Your casino thrills can be found immediately, which means gone are the days when you had to book a costly flight to get in on the action. Where there is Bodog, there is a way.

There is something for everyone in Bodog Casino. Blackjack players will get all forms of the sport including the sometimes tough to find single-deck blackjack, Texas Hold’em poker players will have a blast using a nonstop tournaments and slots fans are going to take a liking to one of the biggest array of machines online. We are just getting warmed up as Caribbean Stud, Craps, Roulette, Baccarat, War, Pai Gow Poker and an endless assortment of other games are at your fingertips.

You can depend on the Bodog Casino being lively and fresh with regular, fun promotions. Right off the bat, there is a 100\% welcome bonus plus a separate refer a friend bonus, and that is even before you begin. As soon as you’re in the game, you will find six-figure progressive jackpots to be won, bonuses to be maintained and tons of other perks on the way. You will also be racking up those Casino Rewards, so be certain to remain in the game.

Among the highlights with Bodog’s Casino is that you will never need to worry about customer service. Whether you would like to call or click, a customer service representative is available to you 24 hours a day and seven days per week. We take very good care of our own. Irrespective of whether it is something small or large, it is important to us and our knowledgeable staff will look after it even if all you’re searching for is a bit more info, some clarification or any online casino wagering help.

One of the key priorities for Bodog is safety. That is why the company puts a premium on making certain players feel comfortable at all times. If you have played other areas and experienced delays or problems after asking for the money, Bodog’s way of operation will be a breath of fresh air. From the minute that you deposit to the time you recipient your withdrawal after cashing out, Bodog’s top-notch security will guarantee that the whole process is seamless.

Bodog has its head office, and is licensed in, the Caribbean state of Antigua. The Bodog group of businesses ( provide a multitude of entertainment services, such as online gaming, including Poker, Casino and a suite of other world–class solutions.

You can find their latest bonuses here – Bodog

Perspective on Gambling – House Edge

I know a lot of gamblers, mostly social and those who do it for entertainment plus one or two for whom it’s more like a way of life.  One thing that always occurs to me is that I hear an awful lot of stories about how much they win.  Tales of winning streaks, luck bets and just basically earning huge profits on one casino game or another.   Now I do win occasionally but overall this is unfortunately not my experience of gambling at all.

You just have to walk down the Vegas strip to see that I cannot be alone, these incredible hotels built on million dollar real estate land are not built on winners.   That money comes from someone, and I suggest it’s from about 99% of us gamblers.  This is the truth simply because whatever game you play in a casino there is always a mathematical advantage, and it’s always on the same side – the casino.  Which is why it’s commonly known as the house edge.   It’s the positive advantage that the casino has over each individual player.   The house has therefore a positive expectation for winning while because of their disadvantage the player has a negative expectation.

The house edge does in fact fluctuate depending on which game you play.  There are some games of skill like Blackjack which minimize the advantage but it’s still there.  What is worse the advantage exists whatever the player does (at least legally) but if the player plays badly or erratically it can rise even further.   Which is why you should develop a tactic or technique perhaps on one of the many free online roulette no download sites on the web.

Imagine all these positive expectations, and consider that a large casino in Vegas might have 50,000 players in a single day. Every single one is ‘expected’ to lose because of the laws of probability and the built in house edge.  Of course, not everyone will lose, some will win, some will even win big but overall the majority will lose money.  In fact the more people the play the more likely the casino is to fulfill this positive expectation whether it’s roulette or something like Blackjack.

A mathematician called Olaf Vancura once calculated that a casino which saw 100,000 roulette spins in a single quarter would have a 99.9% chance of making between 4 and 6.5% of the total wagered. It has to be as close to a surefire winner of a business model that exists anywhere.  The only way the casino really loses if not enough people come and play, if they do the mathematics will deliver them a healthy profit.

It’s why the casino doesn’t mind a few winners even big ones, as long as it gets the numbers the casino will win.  Of course we all really know this deep down, but it’s something you should  keep at the back of your mind.  No amount of clever betting or super secret roulette system will change this situation that the house has the advantage.  Yet of course, people hit it big all the time – a single spin on a slot, a few lucky turns of the wheel can produce a huge win for people.